Pioneer International Education Inc., Canada

Vigorously introduce foreign high-quality educational resources to promote the internationalization of education


Pioneer International Education Inc., Canada stands as a professional facility with the manifest mission of facilitating cross-country education deliverers through inception, management and service of educational projects, development and promotion of educational products, as well as educational investment and consultation. Incorporated as per pertinent laws and regulations under the Federal Government of Canada in 2007, the company currently boast a close to 100-strong faculty and staff, operating several subsidiaries in China.

Pioneer International Education is devoted to promoting multi-level Chinese-foreign cooperative education and exchange programs, introducing to China advanced foreign educational systems and resources, promoting internationalization of Chinese education and, to building bridges for Chinese students who wish to study abroad by offering a well-tailored package of language, academic and cultural courses to help them succeed in their overseas study and life.

In active response to policy guidelines issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), with particular reference to both the introduction from abroad of quality educational resources and the promotion of the internationalization of Chinese education, Pioneer International Education has entered into a slew of educational cooperation ventures with over 50 universities in Canada, UK, USA, Korea, Japan, etc. Pioneer has been authorized by nearly 20 foreign universities to assist them in establishing a number of Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. In addition, Pioneer International Education has established a couple of overseas high school programs in China, as part of its drive toward extension of service coverage.

While tireless in such introduction and promotion, Pioneer International Education is tapping into ever deeper levels of multifaceted cooperation and exchange in-between Chinese-foreign institutions of learning, aiming at the creation of synergy in terms of optimization of educational resources to benefit inter-university/school cooperation and engagement with the business community at large on the international front.

Partner schools

University of Victoria, Canada

University of Manchester

University of Arkansas

California State University San Bernardino

California State University Northridge

University of Idaho

Swansea University

Royal Roads University of Canada

Thomson River University, Canada