Why choose us

Innovative Educational Concept,Joint Staff and Faculty,Customized Managerial Team,Extensive Experience in Curriculum Development

Core Competences

Innovative Educational Concept

Espousing the core principle of “International education, personalized teaching, professional services”, Pioneer International Education has entered into partnership with over 50 universities across Canada, UK, USA, Korea, Japan, etc. To effectuate such partnership, we at Pioneer prioritize the philosophy of international education coupled with the concept of personalized teaching so as to enable students to land at foreign universities that best match their credentials.

Joint Staff and Faculty

Pioneer International Education prides itself in both its high-caliber support staff and its joint faculty representing domestic as well as international academic backgrounds: 11 professors, 14 associate professors and 29 lecturers coming from various sciences.

Customized Managerial Team

Consequential to the success Pioneer International Education has recorded has also been its management corps. Comprising senior management staff (veterans in international operations), program consultants (carrying insights in related terrains), and program management personnel (most of them well-versed in study-abroad processing management), the Pioneer Management Council has its keen attention directed, always, to the demands of its various stakeholders, never missing a beat in aligning into a whole Chinese and foreign educational resources.

Extensive Experience in Curriculum Development

Pioneer International Education is recognized for a systematic development of featured courses, particularly its publication of a series of intercultural communication courses. As always, we at Pioneer remain ready to underwrite the compilation, in the hands of teaching experts coming from both Pioneer and our overseas partner institutions, of textbooks, and production of handouts or monographs that are correspond to students' language levels and meet program requirements at once.

High-Quality Expatriate Teacher Resources

Pioneer International Education highly honor the contributions made by foreign teachers hired on contract basis, including in-service teachers from foreign partner universities (associate professors or above) or qualified foreign teachers from Europe and the States, most of them holding master’s and or doctoral degrees from world famous universities, such as University of California, Berkeley, Indiana University, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Liverpool, University of Freiburg, University College Dublin, etc. All of them have met the teaching requirement of cooperative universities at home and abroad.

Textbooks Produced by Expatriate Teachers

Having gathered precious experience both on-hand and in the academics, expatriate teachers working with Pioneer International Education have made it to the print such textbooks as:
-Case Studies on the Application and Innovation of Fin Tech in China
-Case Studies on Business Model Innovation of Chinese Commercial Banks
-Case Studies of Enterprise Technology Innovation and Financial Market Optimization
-Case Study on Business Competition and Risk Prevention of Commercial Banks
-Case Study of Financial Institution’s Business Innovation and Financial Market Regulation

Awards Won by ExpatriateTeachers

Among the key awards expatriate teachers servicing Pioneer International Education programs are:
-The 2nd Prize of the 14th Outstanding Achievement in Suzhou Philosophy & Social Sciences Research;
- The 3rd Prize of the 15th Outstanding Achievement in Suzhou Philosophy & Social Sciences Research;
-The 3rd Prize of Jiangsu Educational Science Research Achievement awarded by the Jiangsu Provincial Ministry of Education in 2018;
- Annual Teaching Innovation Excellence Award;
- Annual Teaching Innovation Superior Award;
- XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award;

Research Papers Published by Expatriate Teachers

-Poshan Yu, Yingzi Hu (2021), “Stock payment, state ownership and innovation performance in China's pharmaceutical M&As”, The Chinese Economy, Forthcoming issue [ABDC:B] (
-Poshan Yu, Zuo zhang Chen &, Yingzi Hu (2020), “The Impact of Belt and Road Initiative on Regional Financial Integration - Empirical Evidence from Bond and Money Markets in Belt and Road Countries", The Chinese Economy, 2020 [ABDC:B] (

SSCI Papers Published by Expatriate Teachers

-Poshan Yu, Zuo zhang Chen & Jin Sun (2018), Innovative Financing: An Empirical Study on Public–Private Partnership Securitisation in China, Australian Economic Papers, vol 57, issue 3, 394-425. [SSCI; ABDC:B] (